Left to right: Kathleen Stecher, speech therapist; Roy Williams; Bill Bartsch, physical therapist assistant; and Ann Overhauser, occupational therapist

Roy Williams came to Life Care Center of Bridgeton, Missouri, for rehabilitation on March 17, 2017, after a stroke affected his right side.


“When Roy first came to us, he was very compromised – physically, mentally and more,” said Bill Batsch, physical therapist assistant.


Williams required total assistance with his mobility and activities of daily living. He was unable to stand, walk, transfer from one surface to another, groom himself, bathe, get dressed and even understand and respond to speaking. He could not swallow food or liquids, either.


Five days a week, Williams underwent physical, occupational and speech therapies.


Physical and occupational therapists used the NuStep® (a recumbent bicycle that features arm cranks as well as pedals) to help Williams exercise both sides of his body. They also retrained him in how to care for himself. As he progressed, they increased their focus on balance, visual neglect and environmental orientation.


Speech therapists worked with the issues in Williams’ throat and mouth to allow him to speak clearly and swallow safely again. They also helped him improve his cognition.


Williams returned home to his wife on April 25. He was thinking better and was more able to take care of his grooming and get dressed on his own. He could walk with a cane, swallow safely again and enjoy eating and drinking normal foods and liquids.


“With lots of encouragement, Roy rebounded amazingly well: walking, talking, eating and balancing,” Bartsch added. “His return home is a testament to his hard work and therapy’s dedication to helping people recover no matter their condition.”


Williams plans to return to Life Care Center of Bridgeton for outpatient therapy