Damon Young with his therapy team

Damon Young was on a feeding tube due to acute respiratory failure with hypoxia and pneumonia when he arrived at Life Care Center of Bridgeton, Missouri, on March 6, 2018.


Young was working as a caseworker at the time. His end goal was to regain his independence, eat and drink normally again and get home.


Speech therapists worked with Young five days a week to help him relearn how to swallow safely and speak normally again. They used swallowing strategies and breathing exercises.


Meanwhile, because Young was also experiencing weakness, physical and occupational therapists also worked with him to recover strength and mobility. At first, he was unable to walk or bathe himself and needed extensive assistance with bed mobility, standing, getting dressed and grooming.


“The Life Care Center of Bridgeton staff was great to work with,” said Young. “They challenged me to do the necessary work to get better and were genuinely concerned for my well-being. I’m really glad I chose Life Care for my post-hospital care.”


Young successfully returned home to his mother on May 31, able to eat and drink normal textures again and care for himself with some supervision.