Left to right: Kevin Kalka, physical therapy assistant; Herbert Rigg; and Donna Rosucker, occupational therapist

Herbert Rigg was dealing with generalized muscle weakness and atrial fibrillation when he came to Life Care Center of Bridgeton, Missouri, for rehab on June 18, 2017.


“Upon admission, Mr. Rigg could not do anything for himself due to extreme pain in both hands and the A-fib causing swelling all through his body,” said Kathleen Stecher, director of rehab services.


In addition, Rigg needed moderate assistance to transfer from one surface to another, such as from the bed to a chair, and some assistance to walk and stand.


Occupational therapists used diathermy and electrical stimulation on Rigg’s hands to help him with the pain, and Rigg pushed through to do the exercises he needed in order to get well. Physical therapists concentrated on strengthening his legs and helping him practice walking and balancing, while occupational therapists focused on upper-body strength and used weights for strength training as he was able.


“His swelling reduced, and Mr. Rigg worked hard to gain independence with transfers and walking,” said Stecher.


Rigg reached his goals and returned home to his wife on Aug. 13. He can stand and walk without an assistive device, and he is independent in most of his home care tasks, though he does require minimal assistance with bathing and getting dressed.