Left to right: Michelle Wilson, occupational therapist; Eleanor Daly; and Nick Hennicke, physical therapist

After falling and breaking her arm, Eleanor Daly needed rehabilitation.


To make matters worse, Daly also had pneumonia, which weakened her whole body.


Daly came to Life Care Center of Bridgeton, Missouri, on Nov. 16, 2016. She couldn’t walk and needed extensive assistance with standing, transferring from one surface to another, getting dressed and bathing. She also had difficulty with getting around in a wheelchair and performing her daily grooming tasks, especially since her broken arm was her dominant arm.


Daly met with physical and occupational therapists five days a week to work on restoring her function. They focused primarily on walking, strengthening exercises, transfers and managing stairs.


“I was a bit stubborn at first, but those therapists refused to let me give up,” said Daly. “They pushed me along the way, and here I am… going home!”


“Her daughter, who was also in the facility, passed away during her time at Life Care,” said Kristen McFetridge, director of rehab services. “Although it was a very hard loss for her, she found every ounce of strength and courage to get up and get better, and that’s what she did.”


Daly returned home on May 18, 2017. She was independent in her wheelchair mobility and had graduated from assistance to supervision with her walking, transfers, standing and grooming.